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Add a splash of color and cultural flair to your dining experience with our hand-painted ceramics featuring the vibrant Zimbabwean design. Inspired by the traditional patterns of Zimbabwean art, these unique pieces are perfect for those seeking African decorations or tableware that exude charm and character.

Each plate is individually hand-formed, resulting in slight variations in size and shape, which adds to their unique character. The custom glazes also vary slightly in color, ensuring that no two plates are exactly alike.

This artisanal touch makes each piece a one-of-a-kind addition to use as eye-catching ornaments or functional tableware for special occasions.


Only skilled sculptors are able to work with the stone due its hardness.

Every sculpture is made from natural stone and varies slightly due to the nature of the stone and the natural grain which is part of the stone. Some stones will contain inclusions, pits, or fissures because of their geological formation. The natural recurring iron/seaweed strata lines in the stone give the stone its character and makes it unique.

Natural lines are colorful lines formed within the stone. These are not flaws but rather signify the authenticity of the product. Only skilled sculptors can work with the stone due to its hardness. The stone can withstands harsh weather conditions and can be placed in a natural environment, for example a garden.