With Our Protector

Eckel Nyamhondoro


Stone: Spring Stone

Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 8 inches

Typical of Eckel's more rounded sculptures, , the sculpture depicts a couple secure and comfortable in themselves, facing the future without a worry in the world. Behind them is their watchful protector whom they know will sacrifice his life for theirs.


Born in 1972 in the Guruve District of Zimbabwe, a region with a strong sculpture tradition. At the age of twenty, Eckel joined his cousin Eno's Chengo at his sculpting studio and stayed there for four years. It is during this time that he decided to devote his life to art.

He later joined the Tengenenge Art Community where he was an active member for eight years. Eckel draws on Tribal mythology for inspiration and his pieces are of a spiritual contemplative nature.

A hallmark of his work is the elaborate detailing of many of his sculptures with intricate chiseling artwork.

His notable group exhibitions include Museum of Modern Art in San Diego in (1997), the Second Agio International Symposium (2005), the African Millennium Foundation Travelling Exhibition (2006), and the Kirstin Dihl competition. His international endeavors include representing Zimbabwe Art in Canada since 2001, German (2008) where he ran workshops teaching children from the ages of eight years to fifteen years of age. His work has been on galleries and collections in the USA, Europe Asia, and Africa.

Where the Stone is Found

How The Sculptures Are Created