Thinking Man

David Mushonga


Notify us if you want a similar sculpture. Each sculpture is individual and one of a kind.

Stone: Serpentine

Dimension: 15 x 10 x 7 inches


Every sculpture is made from natural stone and vary slightly due to nature of stone and natural grain which is part of the stone. Some stone will contain inclusions, pits or fissures as a result of its geological formation. The natural recurring iron/seaweed strata lines in the stone give the stone its character and makes it unique.

Natural lines are colorful lines formed within the stone. These are not flaws, but rather signifies the authenticity of the product. Only skilled sculptors are able to work with the stone due its hardness. The stone can withstands harsh weather conditions and can be placed in a natural environment.

NOTE: Typically your sculpture will ship within 2-3 days after you've placed your order.

David Mushonga

David was born in 1953 in Chiweshe Area, Centenary District, Zimbabwe. He completed standard six at St Alberts Mission school in 1967. David is a full-time artist and specializes in human forms and animals.

The unique facial features with big full lips, big nose, and eyes are a unique signature on all his pieces which he says depicts the spirit of Africa and all that is African, in wildlife as well as human beings.

He has sold his pieces to collectors in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Where the Stone is Found

How The Sculptures Are Created