Spirit of Three

godfrey kututwa


Stone: Spring Stone

Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 11 inches

The sculpture depicts three spirits inhabiting one body. The upper body of the sculpture resembles an animal while the lower body is that of a human face with opposing facial profiles, half the face being blind and the other with vision. In Shona culture, a personÕs being is authenticated by existence of three identities (spirits): the self (sighted half of the face), the departed ancestor (the blind half) and the Mutupo totem (represented by an animal or a body part of an animal.) In any traditional ceremony these three identities are established before any proceedings take place. The artist sums up the Òthree in oneÓ cultural identities of the Shona people and presents its facets in one representative masterpiece, he calls The spirit of Three.


Every sculpture is made from natural stone and vary slightly due to nature of stone and natural grain which is part of the stone. Some stone will contain inclusions, pits or fissures as a result of its geological formation. The natural recurring iron/seaweed strata lines in the stone give the stone its character and makes it unique.

Natural lines are colorful lines formed within the stone. These are not flaws, but rather signifies the authenticity of the product. Only skilled sculptors are able to work with the stone due its hardness. The stone can withstands harsh weather conditions and can be placed in a natural environment.

NOTE: Typically your sculpture will ship within 2-3 days after you've placed your order.


Godfrey was born in 1967 in Honde Valley in Zimbabwe. Though physically incapacitated, he did not allow his physical impermanent to derail and rob him of his dream or limit him in any way. Unable to speak and almost completely deaf, he started sculpting at the age of 21 as a direct result of encouragement from Claud Nyanhongo, one of ZimbabweÕs leading artists (whose sons and daughters are also artists).

For several years Claud stayed with Godfrey in Chitungwiza and mentored him. Since 1996, he has been working independently in his own studio and has since found his own style as he feeds the language of nature into his sculptures, focusing on nature and the human form, coming out with powerful and expressive sculptures.

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