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The heart of Africa can be found in our stone sculptures.


When you buy a Moyo piece, you are not just buying stone, but your own piece of history, a piece of modern contemporary art with an African flair.

Shadow Birds by Alexander Chitungo

Type of stone: Spring Stone

Dimensions: 33 x 11 x 13 inches

In Shona culture, Mumvuri the shadow, depicts the presence of a spiritual protector. Shona traditional belief is that everything that has got a physical body also has a spiritual shadow.

The birds and their shadows in the sculpture tell the story of this relationship of humanity with spirituality. None goes where the other cannot go and none can exist without the other. In the Shona culture, Vadzimu the ancestors are the spiritual protectors, and they mediate


Born in 1969, in Marondera, Zimbabwe He attended High School at Prince Edward School in Harare and finished Ordinary Level in 1986.

He developed an interest in sculpture in 1990 trained as an apprentice under Tonderai Murenzva and Lincoln Muteta, who are renowned artists in their own rights.

In a space of two years, it was apparent that Alexander had attained enough exposure and experience and subsequently felt confident enough to develop his own unique style which he named Shadows in the Stone Muvhuri Mudombo. He has a theme that resonates in all his works. He calls this thematic content Voices of Reality


Only skilled sculptors are able to work with the stone due its hardness.

Every sculpture is made from natural stone and varies slightly due to the nature of the stone and the natural grain which is part of the stone. Some stones will contain inclusions, pits, or fissures because of their geological formation. The natural recurring iron/seaweed strata lines in the stone give the stone its character and makes it unique.

Natural lines are colorful lines formed within the stone. These are not flaws but rather signify the authenticity of the product. Only skilled sculptors can work with the stone due to its hardness. The stone can withstands harsh weather conditions and can be placed in a natural environment, for example a garden.