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The heart of Africa can be found in our stone sculptures.


When you buy a Moyo piece, you are not just buying stone, but your own piece of history, a piece of modern contemporary art with an African flair.

Congratulations! she has Done Well by Boet Nyarira

Type of Stone: Spring Stone

Dimensions: 31 x 5 x 6 inches

Boet's works bring out the seemingly mundane events in the lives of women and children for the world to notice and celebrate. In this piece, a little girl of three years has completed a sack race at a sports day at the local preschool.

Though she has come last, her mother and the rest of the school rise up in jubilation, cheering and applauding her as she advances towards the finishing line. Her mother runs along her side cheering her up and, at the end of the race, lifts her up and throws her in the air, showering her with praises.

The little girl can't hide her gratitude as she beams with excitement, for at the age of three, she understands not failure but participation. The mother understands that affirmation is critical at this formative stage of her child. She needs to build her confidence to just enjoy the simple things that life can offer.


A second-generation artist born in 1977 of a Tonga mother and a Sena father, in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe. During secondary school, Boet went to live with his grandfather through whom he met, and was inspired by, renowned sculptor Tinashe Makaza.

He was also influenced by Samuel Masakwa, as well as some of Zimbabwe's best artists including Dominic Benhura, Ignatius Zhuwakiyi, and Garison Machinjili.

He started sculpting full-time at the age of 20. In 2010 and 2012 he won awards at the prestigious National Arts Merit Awards NAMA. Evident in almost every sculpture he carves is his love of women and children.


Only skilled sculptors are able to work with the stone due its hardness.

Every sculpture is made from natural stone and varies slightly due to the nature of the stone and the natural grain which is part of the stone. Some stones will contain inclusions, pits, or fissures because of their geological formation. The natural recurring iron/seaweed strata lines in the stone give the stone its character and makes it unique.

Natural lines are colorful lines formed within the stone. These are not flaws but rather signify the authenticity of the product. Only skilled sculptors can work with the stone due to its hardness. The stone can withstands harsh weather conditions and can be placed in a natural environment, for example a garden.