Simon Kavanze Machire

Simon was born in 1969. His father was Angolan and a wood carver who made ceremonial masks and made a name for himself within the Tengenenge Art Community, through his distinctive Yao Art. It was through his father that he got to appreciate the relationship between life and nature and the spiritual aspect of the Mbunda people in Angola,and,the Shona and Kore Kore people in Zimbabwe.As a young boy,Simon helped his father and effortlessly grasped the techniques of stone carving. After the death of his parents in a tragic car crush, young Simon was taken under the wings of Fanizani Akuda. After finishing his secondary education Simon went onto live with Erimas Mudiwa, also a well known artist whom he worked with for four years. In 1990 he became a professional sculptor based at Tengenenge. His work is characterized by animal and human figures and his spiritual influences easily recognizable in the sculptures.He was invited a guest artist in Holland, Italy and Germany in 1993 andagainin Holland in 1999.