About Artistic Africa Gallery with the Moyo Collections (Shona Sculptures)

Being a second-generation Zimbabwean and wanting to move to America, to help promote stone sculpture and artists.

A song by Neil Diamond comes to mind "America", and really that's what it's all about the American dream. And in our case, helping the Zimbabwean artists, these artists have God-given talents. 

These world masters, and as such, we need to promote their art to the world to show what creativity exists within these artists.

And I'd like to take you on our journey and the number of little video clips over the next. I don't know how many months, but I hope you enjoy it. And thank you for watching.

Each time you purchase a Shona stone sculpture, you help our artist in Zimbabwe

Hi, I'm Kim McDonald, managing director of Artistic Africa, talking to you right now from Zimbabwe, and the year is 2021. We've just had new year and we are having a major Corona (COVID) outbreak as in the whole world.

Artistic Africa, last year, took it upon itself to finance a number of artists to the tune of $10,000. It was donated to them on a monthly basis to give them a subsistence allowance, because there is no tourism coming into Zimbabwe and their normal lines of income have dried up because of the Corona (COVID) virus.

Family and Sons are special

Pillar of support to me as a father and has been so supportive of his mother also. And I'd like to thank you, Mark, for your help in keeping this business going in these extreme times. Thank you also for watching our videos. Please keep watching.