Boet Nyarira


Type of Stone: Spring Stone

Dimensions: 32 x 4 x7 inches

Boet shows the reunion of mother and daughter after an extended period of separation. In Shona custom, this normally happens when schools close and children visit extended family members, usual grandparents in rural areas. In this piece, the little girl, upon seeing her mother runs towards her, and they hug each other affectionately. She is thrilled to be back home and the mother canÕt hide her happiness at having her daughter back.

Boet Nyarira

A second generation artist born in 1977 of a Tonga mother and a Sena father, in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe. During secondary school, Boet went to live with his grandfather through whom he met, and was inspired by, renowned sculptor Tinashe Makaza. He was also influenced by Samuel Masakwa, as well as some of ZimbabweÕs best artists including Dominic Benhura, Ignatius Zhuwakiyi, and Garison Machinjili. He started sculpting fulltime at the age of 20. In 2010 and 2012 he won awards at the prestigious National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA). Evident in almost every sculpture he carves is his love of women and children.

Where the Stone is Found

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