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by Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen October 31, 2020

How Artistic Africa Is Supporting Zimbabwe Artist Community Suffering During COVID

Artistic Africa, together with help from collectors, Robert and Amanda Brock of the United States, have provided significant help to the artist community in Zimbabwe during this time of crises.

Since May 2020, and during lock down, Artistic Africa and the Brock family have been contributing cash each month directly to the artists.

The impact and ramifications of lockdown were immediate and devastating to the ability of artists to earn an income. Zimbabwe is in a dire economic situation and the artists found themselves with limited, if any, avenues to turn to for assistance

Traditional buyers no longer traveled to Zimbabwe or, faced with global uncertainty, were not buying art.

Because of their genuine desire to help the community and their   deep seated roots in Zimbabwe,  Artistic Africa and the Brocks came together with a plan to support the stable of artists represented by Artistic Africa as well as the families of deceased artists, providing them all with a no strings attached monthly cash payment.

This commitment was not without its logistic challenges during lockdown.  The extreme difficulty of this undertaking was the cash had to be distributed throughout the region while dealing with a scarcity of fuel and a pandemic. To this end, they were assisted by  Lamson Gwendu, Artistic Africa’s team leader in Zimbabwe, and Stephen Murenza, who facilitated disbursements to the artists, as well as Tutani Mugavazi for delivering funds to artists in Zimbabwe’s remote areas. These men went above and beyond the call of duty.

Kim and Stef McDonald, from Charleston South Carolina, are proud to be Artistic Africa and thankful to our customers and to the Brocks. Without your unconditional support our efforts to assist these artists would not be possible. We thank you. Masvita.

Artistic Africa always endeavors to live up to its mission and vision statement.

Some excerpts from the artists that were assisted:

James Tandi: Thanks very much ... God bless

Tutani Mugavaze: Morning Kim and all the Artistic Africa team. I would like to thank you for helping us in these difficult times. It has not been a long time since we knew about your company, but you have done greater than some of our long time  friends. We thank you for having a heart for us as a team. You really pushed us through may the almighty God continue blessing you.

Farai Tigere: in the darkest hour, where hope was lost you have it possible for us to pull through. Robert, Amanda and Kim we are forever grateful of your love and support. You deserve to be entrusted with much more. God bless you

Stephen Murenzva:  Artistic Africa are the newest people to buy sculptures who 100% Zimbabweans and has supported the art industry for many years. Starting Art exhibition, the biggest Art competition in Zimbabwe’s history, The Robert, Amanda Brock Awards in Chitungwiza Art Centre. They continue to this day to support the artist and give freely for the last 4 months money to all the artist they represent. Thank you so much Kim and Stef, Amanda and Robert for all the help that you are giving towards artist in Zimbabwe during this deadly time of this pandemic (Corona Virus). You truly make the difference for us and we are extremely grateful. No clients are coming in at the moment to buy and we are getting help from you our friends in Art. Thank you so much for all the support.

Manners Mukuwiria: Thank you so much Kim And Stefani, Amanda and Robert for the financial support you have been giving us since the beginning of this pandemic. Your help is highly appreciated and may the Lord keep blessing you. Without your support I don’t know what we would have done. Manner and family

Vika Ngwenya: My family is so grateful and still thanking you Kim, Amanda and Robert for so being helpful to our family at this unexpected Covid 19 hard time that came unexpectedly and affected all families all over the world. You showed your most passionate love to us by giving money that saved us through to this day. We really appreciate your help and may the Living God add more blessings health and wealth to you all. Blessed is the hand that gives. Long live Kim family. Amen. Warm and thankfull regards from Vika Ngwenya family

Lincon Mutetwa: Hi Kim, just want to say thank you for all the help and support you have rendered during this difficult time of Covid. To Amanda and Robert Brock, thank you so much as you came to our rescue during this difficult time, may the good Lord bless you abundantly. Regards Lincon Muteta.

Bywell Sango: Thank you very much Kim, Robert and Amanda for the great support during this period of the pandemic. We appreciate the help you did to the artists and their families. Tatenda

Bonface Muropa: "I am gratified by your generous hand Kim, Robert, Amanda and Brook and the Spirit behind the drive to uplift downtrodden spirits in this difficult time when many are thinking of their future welfare... hats off to this majestic team!! Thank u very may the Gracious Lod God multiply u in abundant Blessings. If Zimbabwean Art had  at least 20 Kim's 20 Amanda’s 20 Roberts 20 Brooks and many others behind the scenes, surely Zimbabwean Art will be Paradize on Earth ....thank u very much Artistic Africa gurus for Artistic way u articulated your generous giving family is very happy"

Jaide Jonasi: "Thank you so much Mr Kim for your help to the Artist's be blessed"

Celestino Mukavhi: "Thank you so much Kim, Robert and Amanda for helping us"

Alexander Chitungu: "Many many Thanks to you Kim, Amanda and Robert and everyone involved in supporting us artists / sculptors  during these hard times of Covid19...  Stay Blessed and Stay Safe. Thank you"

Boet Nyariri: "Million thanks to Kim, Amanda & Martin Brook  for the support  you have been giving us during these hard time may you be blessed."

Itai Mapumha: "Thank you very much Amanda, Robert and Kim for supporting us this unbelievable time of COVID. May almighty God keep on blessing you."

Douglas Gashome: "Thank baba Kim, Robert and Amanda for the help you gave during time of COVID19. May God bless you all. Tatenda"

Lincon Mutetwa: "I second you"

Givemore Mashaya: "Firstly, I would like to say thank you the Artistic Africa group for everything and the surport they gave us it's not easy to feed 100ds of artist in Zimbabwe that's a careing heart. Kim, Amanda and Robert we don't know what we can do for you words are not enough I salute you and I thank you very much let's keep on connected together one love thank you."

Mission Statement:  Artistic Africa was founded by Zimbabweans to be the preeminent platform for the development and sale of unique Art and Sculpture from world-renowned and rising Zimbabwean Master Artists and Artisans.  We are committed to ensuring fair value is paid directly to the Artists to encourage their vision and support their families and communities while developing a global market and legacy of artistic excellence.

Vision Statement:  To develop an awareness, appreciation and sustainable market for Zimbabwean art  through leveraging our African heritage and U.S. marketing operations, and to encourage the continued development of artists, while honoring the rich artistic history of Zimbabwe and legacy of the First Generation Shona Master Sculptors.


Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen
Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen


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